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Friday, January 31, 2014

WEEKLY UPDATE January 31, 2014

Here is some information from Emmanuel

Events coming up here at Emmanuel


Today                9:00 A.M.      Worship w/Communion

                        10:15 A.M.      Sunday School Journey to the Cross/Movie

                        10:15 A.M.      Coffee Fellowship
                          6:30 P.M.       Hebrew Bible Study @ Eklund’s
Tues 2/4             1:30 P.M.       Worship Comm. Meeting

Thurs 2/6           5:30 P.M.       Ruth Circle @ Helen’s (Carpool at 5 at church)          

Fri 2/7                                      Pastor’s Day Off

Sunday              9:00 A.M.      Worship-Boy Scout Sunday & Noisy Offering
            10:15 A.M.      Sunday School-Journey to the Cross

            10:15 A.M.      Coffee Fellowship

             6:30 P.M.        Hebrew Bible Study @ Eklunds




Recycle and Help Kaylee go to China!   
Kaylee Willems has the incredible opportunity to travel to China next summer with the People to People Student Ambassador Program. To help pay for her trip she is collecting used inkjet cartridges and old cell phones. These used items are sent in and recycled according to EPA regulations. If improperly disposed of, one cell phone can pollute up to 35,000 gallons of drinking water.


If you would like to send cards to Kay and/or stay in contact with her, here is her information... Kay Hull

                      4181 Menlo

                      Wichita, Ks. 67218      Phone-- 785-223-5248


Thank you to all who supported the Chili/Bean Feed.  The donations and attendance were greatly appreciated.  We will be able to buy several acolyte robes!  Thank you!  Autumn Mays





WE PRAY FOR:  Our homebound, *Dan Dorn and family, *Shirley Reed, *Verneda Bowman, *Della Helzer, *Merwin Jensen *Jan Malpert *Amy Busse, *Ruth Knodel, *Patrick O’Neal, *Bethany Rice, *Lee Tubbs, *Jake Wilkening, *Ruby Heinrichs, *Mike Fink, *Kay Hull, *Sylvia Hybl, *Roger Blume, *Kari Snethen, *Mary Lou Isernhagen, *Lavern Rapier, *Edna Snethen, *Diana Spinney, *Evelyn Kowalke, *Mike Ginn, *Fred Dietz
 In the Military:  *Brandon Zelfer, *Pr. Joanna Grimshaw, *Adam Rector, *Shane Mac Donald     



SERVING February 2, 2014

Worship Leader:   Pastor Darian Hybl                                 

Organist:  Marla Harrison

Lector: Connie Hatcher                    

Acolytes:  Alexis Wynn & Sydney Hahn

Communion Asst:  Ken & Virginia Palmgren

Altar Guild:  Alberta & Duane Coash        


Greeters:  Harold & Mary Ann Snethen                 

Sunday School Snacks:  Dennis & Rose Snethen                            

Flowers:  Stan & Marilyn Martin



Pastor’s Sermon Blog – For those who may not be able to attend worship on Sunday, Pastor has started a new blog of the sermon preached.  The address is  Please let us know what you think!!

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