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Friday, April 3, 2015

04032015 Good Friday - "Father, into Your Hands I commend my Spirit!" - Jesus Christ Perfect Trust!!

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April 3, 2015
Jesus Christ Perfect Trust!
Merciful Savior, Jesus Christ, You clearly trust Your Father.  Enable each of us to gain our trust in You.  For Your gift of grace displayed for us that we celebrate today was not without cost.  But because of Your Love for us, You were willing to die in order to set us free.  Thank You for this gift of grace and display of Your love for us.  AMEN.

When my family would go on vacation during the summer to Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks we would always camp.  In most campgrounds the sites that were not far from the ocean and the sandy beaches were surrounded by the low scrub bushes and tree’s that had weathered the hurricanes.  Needless to say the short trees had low branches and us kids always could be found climbing and having fun when we had time before dinner.  One time my Father, Chuck, whom a lot of you have met said to me when I was up on the branch about 5 feet off of the ground.  “Darian, turn around and fall backwards”.  At first, when he said it I refused, because I was afraid of falling and getting hurt.  But finally, I relented and learned a lesson that Jesus teaches us tonight.

We conclude our series tonight of the Words from the Cross of Jesus, with the most touching statement of Jesus trust of His Father.  Jesus said, “Father, into Your Hands I commend My Spirit!”  Encapsulated in these eight words is Jesus Christ Perfect Trust!

Jesus Christ hanging from the Cross of Calvary shows we who gather here tonight on Good Friday Jesus Christ Perfect Trust of His Father in Heaven.  Jesus willingness to go to the Cross of Calvary was a clear demonstration not only of His love for all of mankind, but especially Jesus Christ Perfect Trust that He displayed for all to see.  From the soldiers that had only hours before scourged Him, to the women who wailed and journeyed with Him from the heart of Jerusalem to Golgotha to His own mother who looked on in helplessness at her Son, Whom she had nursed and cuddled.  Jesus Christ as He hung there in this statement “Father, into Your Hands I commend My Spirit” demonstrates a truth so profound.  Jesus Christ Perfect Trust in His Father in heaven.

When I stood on the branch of the scrub trees and turned and fell backwards, my Father caught me in his protective and loving arms.  My earthly Father demonstrated His love for me by catching me and not letting me get hurt.  In a more perfect demonstration, God our Heavenly Father is entrusted by His Son Jesus Christ with His Spirit.  And in loving fashion, the relationship between Father and Son clearly demonstrates for we who gather here tonight, not only their connection, but the love and Jesus Christ Perfect Trust of His Father in heaven.

For when Jesus Christ uttered the Words, “Father, into Your Hands I commend My Spirit” Jesus Christ demonstrates the trust we should have for our Father in Heaven as well.  Not only when we pray the Lord’s Prayer, but in our daily lives we should commend ourselves to His Holy Hands and Holy Care.  For God our Father will not let us fall.  And no clearer demonstration of this comes than Jesus Christ Perfect Trust in His Father from the Cross with the words, “Father, into Your Hands I commend My Spirit”.  May we trust as Jesus Trust and feel the love God had for His Son Jesus Christ as we look to the Cross on Calvary, where Jesus demonstrated His love for all of mankind, including each of us who see and believe in Jesus Christ Perfect Trust.  AMEN.

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