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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exponential 2013 Worldwide Conversation Information

#Exponential2013: A 140-Character Worldwide Conversation
For three days at various times, the #Exponential2013 hashtag trended at No. 1 and No. 2 on Twitter, generating interest from both faith-based and secular media. Hundreds of thousands of tweets were posted, capturing the insights of speakers, the experience of attendees, the connection of friendship, the practical takeaways. Below, we've gathered a small sampling of tweets. Over the coming weeks, we'll bring you a comprehensive collection of social media from #Exponential13:
Dave Ferguson
"As churches let's measure how many we're sending, not accumulating."
Craig Groeschel
"Being consumed by what people think of you is the fastest way to forget what God thinks of you."
Randy Frazee
"The family needs to be restored as the ultimate small group."  
Chris Hodges
"A man on his face can't fail from that position."
John Burke
"We have to intentionally equip people to follow Jesus and to multiply."
Jo Saxton
"Christ's discipleship was the result of an accessible life."
Jim Putman
"We have to get people out of worship services only and into relationships where they're discipled."
Greg Surratt
"It's hugely important that you regularly sit with a group of people who love you and aren't impressed with you."
Alan Hirsch
"We need to embody our truths in ways that make sense to people."

Discipleship Is... 

 "Disciples make disciples. Anything less is a cheap Gospel." 
--Jen Hatmaker, from the closing session of the Exponential 2013 Live Webcast

Venerable Voices on Discipleship
"Christian disciples are sent men and women--sent out in the same work of world evangelism to the which the Lord was sent." 
--Dr. Robert Coleman, during the Exponential 2013 Webcast 
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