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Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to save the church? A question with clear implications

The following is a quote from “Called to Stay” by Caleb Breakey.  This is a book I have had on my shelf, but only picked up this morning, but from the beginning, it speaks what I have heard as pastor, experienced both as pastor and parishioner and ultimately what I see as an opportunity.

Lead Passionless Believers to Heart Change
Even as I write this, a thousand voices from my peers whisper and shout:
  • I’ve tried being a “change agent” in my church.  It doesn’t work.
  • If you only knew how hurt I am, you’d understand that staying in church is impossible.
  • Church people burn you at the stake when you stop conforming to their hypocritical and judgmental ways.
  • This is all fine for you, but God called me out of the church for a reason—and I’m not going back.
  • I’ve messed up too many times for God to use me in my church.
  • I’ve been stomped, belittled, and discriminated against by church hierarchies in ways you cannot even fathom….

I’m simply here to talk about an action-oriented lifestyle that mirrors Jesus, leads passionless believers to heart change, and draws out believers to timid to go all-in for Christ.”

This is a book I am looking forward to devouring!!!

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