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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Myths about Kids Worship, but REALLY apply to Adults as well

I recently read an article about kid's worship entitled, "6 BIG Myths About Children's Worship".  It clearly articulated some myths the church has about kid's worship.  Not only were they spot on, but they also I believe apply to the worship we have on Sunday Mornings.

Here is my personal commentary on each myth:
  1. Worship is all about our 'attitude'.
  2. Worship is not age dependent nor ends or begins at a certain age.
  3. Worship is about Who we believe should be honored.
  4. Worship songs are meant to evoke different feelings in each of us.
  5. Worship is not and should not be limited to the instrument nor the means of hearing the music.
  6. Worship does not require the music to be 'perfect'.

These six thoughts hit home for any worship, only when we are honest about our intentions in worship will we understand Who we come to worship and that will bring joy to His heart!!

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