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Thursday, February 6, 2014

01252014 Funeral Sermon Kathryn Kuhlman

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May the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing in Your sight O Lord, our rock and our redeemer!!  AMEN!!

Let us pray!  Gracious Lord of heaven and earth, in our mourning for Kathryn we have heard Your voice of comfort and peace that enables us to not fear death, but embrace it with her entrance into Your Kingdom.  When Kathryn was cleansed with the waters of baptism at St. Paul’s Lutheran, You promised her eternal life and have fulfilled it for her and we are here today to celebrate it.  May we be comforted with the salve of Your Gospel message and the offer of grace for her and each and every one of us.  For though the veil of death does separate us today from Kathryn, Your love overcomes and connects us to her and You through our belief in the forgiveness of sins freely offered by Your Son Jesus Christ on Calvary for all of mankind, especially including Kathryn and all of the saints of her family and friends as we gather here at Emmanuel to say goodbye.  AMEN.

If you take 1 egg, enough flour, a pinch of salt and broth for boiling, anybody could try and make homemade noodles.  If I lived on a rural farm in Northwest Kansas and if I wanted to do it the old fashioned way in making homemade noodles, I would have eggs that my own chickens laid, wheat flour from the harvest of my own fields and even the broth would come from the chickens that I had raised from chicks and butchered in the back yard.  The salt I would have to buy when in town unless I was lucky enough to find a natural salt lick which are not that common here in Western Kansas. Granted I’m not the best cook in the world, but this simple recipe for homemade noodles would get me started. 

Kathryn on the other hand having grown up here in Northwestern Kansas was a master at making homemade noodles, cakes and everything that would satisfy the hunger of anybody who graced her table or darkened her doorstep.  Kathryn couldn’t just sit around, she always was moving and the sparkle in her eye always seeing what was happening and hearing even the most-minute sounds even caused one to wonder if she had a sixth sense or a heightened sense of smell.  Self-sufficiency here in Western Kansas on the farm was not only a necessity, but a requirement in Cheyenne and Sherman County and Kathryn and her family knew how to live on what God provided on the farm and make it last and stretch.  The greatest love for Kathryn was cooking, cleaning and taking care of her family, from her own kids to her grandkids.  Whether it was playing hide the thimble or Old Maid, trying to play catch with Dallas in the yard, making crafts and growing garden vegetables to enter at the fair, or even making mouthwatering meals, whether of simple shakes or the pies and delicacies that sold for even by her own reckoning for more than they were worth, Kathryn was the epitome of a home maker and a true farmers wife here on the plains of Northwestern Kansas.

As a home maker, Kathryn knew what worked and what didn’t, what tasted good and what didn’t and she wasn’t afraid to let you know, but in her own feisty and loving way.  There wasn’t a recipe that she couldn’t make sing like angels and fill the hunger that sounded from the pit of anyone’s stomach.  Yet, that hunger wasn’t just about recipe’s or food, it was also a hunger that she had nourished in a far different way and at a more familiar setting for we who gather here this morning.  You see Kathryn learned from a young age the importance of church and how the greatest cook was Jesus Christ.

The recipe for eternal life that Jesus shared and showed Kathryn was of her being saved in the waters of baptism at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  When the Pastor by the command of God and invitation of her parents poured the waters of baptism called for in the recipe of salvation and eternal life, over Kathryn’s head, Jesus Christ called and made Kathryn His own.  With the words, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, Kathryn became a child of God and the recipe of eternal life and salvation that began in the Garden of Eden and was fulfilled on the Cross of Calvary was brought closer to completion for Kathryn in her own life.  For in that simple action of Kathryn’s parents bringing her to the font and the right elements of Water and Word intimately combined when brought together made Kathryn no longer just an infant child barely 16 days old, but orchestrated the greatest recipe for eternal life for her and for each of us in our baptism.

We gather here today, not just to mourn, but to hear of the ultimate completion and fulfillment of the recipe of salvation for all of mankind, but especially for Kathryn this morning as we celebrate her entrance into the church triumphant and eternal life.  Usually with recipe’s there is some ‘wiggle room’ that most good cooks like Kathryn had, where they could stretch one way or another depending upon the weather, the directions and the desired outcome and make the ingredients hum.  And Jesus Christ is no slouch at this either, Jesus knew exactly what was required of Him in order for Kathryn and all of us to be saved and have eternal life.  This wiggle room is what Jesus Christ was willing to offer on the Cross of Calvary and which Kathryn and each of us was baptized into.  But it didn’t stop with her, Kathryn continued with her own children being brought to font for baptism and being raised here in the church and learning about the gift of eternal life that God offers for all of mankind.

You see, the gift that Jesus Christ gave to Kathryn on April 15, 1927 in Water and Word was the perfect recipe that we gather here today to celebrate its completion and are reminded of not only by the Pall that covers the casket, but reminds us of the promises made to and for each of us in our Baptism.  We are finally bringing the finished product out of the boiling pot of broth in the homemade noodles or out from the oven and enjoying the fruits of God for Kathryn from the recipe of eternal life.  For the promises have been fulfilled and completed and we celebrate Kathryn’s entrance into heaven and eternal life.  You see, the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ walked with Kathryn during her entire life, from her baptism, her confirmation, marriage, birth of her children and the burial of her betrothed.  And God did not abandon her then and especially in her last days, for God has fulfilled her entrance into the church triumphant.  Jesus Christ like when David wrote the 23rd Psalm walked through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’ with her and insured Kathryn’s entrance into paradise and the fulfillment of the promise of eternal life for her as well as for all of us.

We who gather this morning can be assured of God’s promises are fulfilled for Kathryn today, for Paul’s confession of Kathryn’s ‘being justified by faith’ and which gives us the greatest peace through our Lord Jesus Christ strengthens and comforts us as we mourn.  For not only can we have peace, but assurance that God has ‘prepared a place’ for Kathryn in His kingdom and God has sent His Holy Spirit unto us today to not only comfort us as we mourn, but remind and embolden us to lay claim to the demonstration of His love toward Kathryn and unto each of us gathered here today in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  This was the recipe of eternal life that God orchestrated for Kathryn and that we lay claim to today and remember was and is offered for all of mankind, including all of us saints gathered here at Emmanuel to say goodbye to Kathryn.  AMEN.

Now may the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding guard our hearts and minds and comfort us today, because of what Jesus Christ did for Kathryn and each one of us!  AMEN! 
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