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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Forgiveness: What it is and what it isn't - Mark Driscoll

Forgiveness is leaving ultimate justice in God's hands. Justice either comes at the cross or in hell—where Jesus died in their place for their sins, and they come to repentance or they don't, and they stand before the Lord Jesus. Forgiveness is not denying that sin occurred or diminishing its evil. God had to die for it. It's that big of a deal.
This clip is excerpted from the sermon "I Am Forgiven," the twelfth part of our sermon series Ephesians: Who Do You Think You Are? It was preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll out of Ephesians 4:25--32 at Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue and released on April 7.

Today (February 16, 2014) in the sermon at Emmanuel Lutheran, Goodland, KS, we heard how we need to have forgiveness more present in our lives, because when we pray the Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer God is calling us to forgive as we have been forgiven.

May we be enabled to forgive as God first forgave us!!!
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